Program Curriculum

During 40 hours of classroom instruction and a 35 hour field-based practicum, students research the feasibility of a business idea of their choice and produce a business plan. At the end of the course, students present their business plans to a panel of business men and women from the community in a "best" business plan contest for honors and awards.

The course curriculum includes:

  • What is entrepreneurship?

  • Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

  • Rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship.

  • The importance of entrepreneurs in the American economy.

  • Supply and demand forces in the economy.

  • How to select a business.

  • How a successful business satisfies a consumer need.

  • Market research - knowing potential customers and what they want.

  • The essence of selling is teaching.

  • Hiring, training, and retaining good employees.

  • Understanding business costs.

  • How to set up, monitor, and use financial records and information.

  • Financing strategy: Borrow and Sell?

  • Raising capital for a business.

  • Developing a business plan.

  • Business ethics and social responsibility.